Jan 9, 2015

Democrats Step Up Efforts to Block Obama’s Trade Agenda

ED: This article is important to Mexico as well. As a member of the TPP, Mexico would automatically face the NAFTA-plus or what I have called the NAFTA plus PEMEX scenario of job loss and displacement and massive resource grabs. Obama who ran in 2008 on a platform criticizing NAFTA has become progressives worst enemy on trade issues today. He is now clashing with th Democratic Party over whether to allow the anti-democratic fast track to finish the TPP.

New York Times: President Obama is facing opposition from fellow Democrats to one of his top priorities: winning the power to negotiate international trade agreements and speed them through Congress.

As Mr. Obama’s team works privately to line up support for the so-called trade promotion authority, a coalition of Democratic lawmakers and activists from organized labor, environmental, religious and civil rights groups is stepping up efforts to stop him. Read more. 

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