Nov 6, 2015

Chapo Guzman sends flowers to Jardines de Humaya cemetery

Proceso (Translated by Borderland Beat): A floral arrangement with about 70 red roses, was seen Monday November 2 in the Jardines de Humaya cemetery in Culiacan, Sinaloa.

An all capital written message in dark letters surrounding the floral arrangement reads, "FROM: JOAQUIN GUZMAN LOERA, TO: PERRILLO.

"El Perrillo" was killed last October 24 when he arrived to a body shop. Two gunmen got out of a car and shot him dead. On his tombstone the name reads Adrian Arellano Ricardo Noriega.

On that morning someone placed the arrangement in a crypt of this well known narco cemetery, the offering came from none other than El Chapo Guzman, the most wanted criminal in Mexico and the United States.

Jardines de Humaya is famous because well known narco traffickers are buried here and those narco crypts are resembling miniature cathedrals.

Among the people on this cemetery are the remains of Arturo Beltran Leyva El Barbas, killed in Morelos during a confrontation with the Navy.

Also Ignacio Nacho Coronel Villarreal, who died in 2010 in a shootout with soldiers in Jalisco, Francisco Pancho Arce Rubio, a member of the criminal group "Los anthrax".

The graves are true mausoleums of white and pink marble designed to perpetuate the memory of its inhabitants.

These constructions of the last 20 years have all the luxuries and services, making them unique to this cemetery.

The opulence includes solar panels, air conditioning, satellite television, bedrooms, bathrooms and surveillance cameras in the niches.

Several tombs also have luxury fittings and finishes.

In the past, this cemetery located in calzada Heroico Colegio Militar, in colonia Miguel de la Madrid, was the last resting place for the remains of middle-upper class and is one of the most traditional ones in Culiacan after the San Juan cemetery was saturated .

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