May 19, 2011

Whack-a-mole drug war: Special Forces -- Down Mexico Way?

Michael Brenner is Senior Fellow, the Center for Transatlantic Relations and Professor of International Affairs, University of Pittsburg

Michael Brenner: Special Forces -- Down Mexico Way?: "Washington is abuzz with talk that drastic steps may be in the offing to deal with the 'narco-state' across the Rio Grande. Heady with the dramatic success at Abbottabad, our warrior monks are casting their eyes on new threats and new glories. Go south, young heroes. Spiraling violence threatens to spill across the border. A government whose writ doesn't run across whole province. Drug traffickers run amuck. The spectre of alliances with Islamic terrorists. Intervention could be necessary.

Before embarking on another adventure abroad, it is prudent to reflect for a moment. Here is one huge but hidden piece of information. We are the source of Mexico's violent narco-culture."

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