Nov 16, 2011

Mexico Drug War: Tijuana's Uneasy Peace may Endure, Despite Arrests

An analysis of the inter-cartel dynamics in Tijuana.

InSight Crime: "A high-ranking Tijuana Cartel lieutenant was arrested last week, sparking commentary that the trafficking organization is on the ropes. Not so fast; experts have said this since 2002, but the group--aka the Arellano Felix Organization (AFO)--has proved resilient. Juan Francisco Sillas Rocha, “El Ruedas,” was arrested on Friday in Tijuana...

... The question remains: Will Sillas' arrest upset the organized crime balance of power in Tijuana? Explaining the decrease in violence in Tijuana since 2009 is not straightforward. ... the general consensus among analysts is that the Sinaloa Cartel and the AFO have reached a truce after the elimination of cells led by Teodoro Garcia Simental “El Teo” arrested in January 2010." read more

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