Nov 16, 2011

Mexico Politics: Tracing the Last Moments of Mexican Helicopter Crash

A dective-like analysis of the details of the flight path that ended against a mountainside

Horizon: Mexico: "The death of one of the top officials in Mexico's drug war (Internal Security Minister Francisco Blake Mora) presents a riddle, as details emerge of the eerie series of events that led to his helicopter flying straight into the mountainside, killing everyone on board....

Mexico City lies cupped in a mountainous bowl. The helicopter’s planned route, to Cuernavaca just south, had to climb past a big triple peak called the Three Marias, up in the clouds, where low visibility presented nightmare obstacles. ... One solution to the Tres Marias problem, with its fog on the heights, would be to navigate along a nearby series of basins. Just east of the planned route, old Aztec lakebeds pointed south toward the Valley of Cuautla. It was a logical course -- if had it been followed." read more

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