Dec 14, 2011

Mexico Human Rights Abuses - Guerrero Students: Federal and state governments differ on what happened in Guerrero

The latest on the killing of students in Guerrero: much passing of blame. Translated by MexicoBlog

CNN Mexico: The Federal Police said that the elements that fired on the students who demonstrated in Guerrero state on Monday were local police, a version which the state government rejected.

... Jose Ramon Salinas, director of social communication for the federal police, said that state police were the ones who ... intervened in the event and added that local authorities should be the ones to determine which local element fired the shots.

The state´s version, according to the government of Govenor Angel Aguirre Rivero, is that the Federal Police arrived first at the scene because the (federal) highway "is their area of ​​responsibility," while state elements only came with riot gear to support the federal operation... "" Spanish original

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