Jan 18, 2012

Drug War - Merida Initiative: U.S. Ambassador to Mexico highlights Merida Initiative support for drug abuse prevention

Ah, yes, good old American charity.

Milenio: "The U.S. ambassador (to Mexico), Anthony Wayne, emphasized the support of the Merida Initiative is providing to reduce the demand for drugs in Mexico by providing $18 million for the National Network Against Addictions and New Life  Centers.

The diplomat met Tuesday with the first lady, Margarita Zavala, at the official residence of Los Pinos, to talk about drug policy and support for young migrants. After listening to Zavala talk about how the New Life Centers help families better cope with the problem of drug abuse, Ambassador Wayne said "there is no doubt that New Life has saved many lives and changed so many countless others. We are proud to support this campaign through the Merida Initiative. "

The New Life campaign includes prevention and education at different levels for millions of children and adolescents as well as training for more than half a million health workers, teachers, coaches, and other first responders to drug abuse." Spanish original

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