Jan 18, 2012

Mexico Politics: Presidential Candidates Debate the Drug War

The ITT List: "While the Republican presidential candidates try to shoot down Mitt Romney before it's too late for them, their conservative counterparts in Mexico held a relatively genteel debate on Tuesday about the future of that country, including the U.S.-backed drug war that has claimed over 40,000 victims since 2006. Three "pre-candidates," as they are called, are competing for the nomination of the right-wing National Action Party (PAN), which will hold an internal election on February 5th. The general election is July 1st."

... The PAN's candidates are holding firm... in their insistence that (the war against the cartels) continue. Josefina Vázquez Mota, a former Secretary of Education and the front-runner for the nomination, recently said that "there will be no. . .truce with organized crime" if she is elected. One of her rivals, Senator Santiago Creel, has proposed continuing the struggle under a centralized Anti-Organized Crime Agency. The third candidate, ex-Secretary of Housing Ernesto Cordero, said he wants to lengthen the prison sentences of people convicted of drug-related crimes." read more

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