Jan 12, 2012

Drug War - U.S.-Mexico Relations: Mexico Secretary of Public Safety presents achievements of Federal Police to U.S. officials during Washington visit

Milenio: During his working tour of the United States, Mexico's Public Safety Secretary, Genaro Garcia Luna, pointed out to high ranking officials of the administration of Barack Obama the professionalism and international standards of research and intelligence achieved by the Federal Police under the administration of President Felipe Calderon.

He met in Washington with the United States attorney general, Eric Holder, the drug czar, Gil Kerlikowske, the director of the DEA, Michele Leonhart, and FBI chief Robert Mueller, who also addressed issues such as trafficking drugs, border security and money laundering.

Garcia Luna said that at the beginning of this administration, in Mexico there were no police institutions with the capacity to deal with a complex phenomenon such as organized crime, which is now transnational. This  required the design and implementation of a strategy to transform police departments that began with the  building an authentic Federal Police. He gave an accounting of the achievements of the Federal Police against the drug cartels, with it results in seizures of drugs, weapons and the capture of kidnappers.

U.S. authorities stated that they recognized the progress of the Mexican government in fighting crime. They pledged to redouble efforts to improve bilateral cooperation to achieve a more effective fight against transnational organized crime, as it is a complex phenomenon not unique to Mexico." Spanish original

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