Jan 12, 2012

Drug War - U.S.-Mexico Relations: U.S. Ambassador announces program to support protection of journalists, saying U.S. shares responsibility for combating drug violence

Of course, the ambassador says nothing about U.S. responsibility in creating the drug violence. The U.S. government's theme of "shared responsibility" with Mexico for solving the violence seems to imply that the responsibility is equal. It is hardly equal. Mexico's major challenge is establishing the rule of law--a functioning police and justice system. But it is the U.S.'s prohibition of regulated, legal drug sale and consumption that starts the violence ball rolling by fueling the cartels and their competition. About that, Mexico can do nothing.

La Jornada: "The U.S. ambassador to Mexico, Anthony Wayne, said that he is working with the government of Felipe Calderón and civil society groups to protect journalists and human rights defenders. In support of this effort, he will sign an agreement with Freedom House and allocate 5 million dollars over four years. ... He stressed that the goal will be to improve the skills of civil society to monitor the government's efforts in its task of providing emergency tools and support to protect journalists at risk.

... On the other hand, he stressed that neither country alone can solve the drug problem. "We must work together. We share responsibility to combat drug-related violence," he said. ..."As Americans we must be honest about that responsibility and the ways in which our consumption of drugs and the illicit flow of weapons and money into Mexico contribute to the enormous challenge we both face," he added.

... He added that last month the promise of President Barack Obama to deliver to Mexico $500 million in equipment and training was fulfilled in accord with the Merida Initiative, for a total of nearly 900 million overall. He expressed confidence that the commitment to deliver one billion, 400 million dollars would be met or exceeded." Spanish original

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