Jan 10, 2012

Human Rights Violations - Guerrero Students: Guerrero governor tells his followers, "If you want to help me, don't make marches."

Milenio: "Guerrero's governor, Angel Aguirre Rivero, denied that his government was encouraging the community's rejection of  the normal school students and he launched an appeal to all sectors of Guerrero society to exercise prudence, common sense and non-confrontation, considering that it doesn't benefit anyone to deepen the differences.

"What I ask them (my followers) is much prudence, and if they want to help me, it is not by marching, or demonstrations, which were valued, but I think it's best to let the institutions that are doing their jobs determine the outcome" he said. The governor added that the state and federal prosecutors, are jointly analyzing the investigation related to the death of the two normal school students on 12 December in the Highway of the Sun.  "This is in order to  proceed accordingly against public servants that may have to be punished," Governor Aguirre Rivero said." Spanish original

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