Jan 10, 2012

Human Rights Violations - Guerrero Students: Teachers group seeks impeachment of Guerrero governor; warns that criminal groups may seek to repress students

Milenio: Chilpancingo, Guerrero: The dissident teachers organization which is spearheading the impeachment petition against the governor Angel Aguirre Rivero also warned, at a press conference today, of the possibility that organized crime groups are being used to suppress the Ayotzinapa normal school students.

The leadership of the State Coordinator of Education Workers of Guerrero (CETEG) announced a mass march for February 2 in Mexico City, that they are asking the student community of the Rural Normal School to head. ...  The march will express rejection of those who propose the closure of the Normal School.

.... "We are clear that the problem of repression is not only a problem for them, but also for ourselves and everyone; because of this we are making an appropriate demand for the impeachment of the governor," Minervino Moran, press secretary of the group, explained.

...   The press conference was also attended by the secretary general of the national  group, CETEG, Gonzalo Ocampo Juarez, who said  "This will be a fight between two fires, in which our main demand is the impeachment of the governor of Guerrero." He added that the preliminary report of the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) strengthens the impeachment petition, which will also be presented to the Interior Ministry in order to try to expedite the procedure. 

... Minervino Moran also said that Saturday there was an act of pressure from a group of people linked to organized crime against the rural normal school students, which needed to be reported promptly. "We presume that in this situation crimal groups can be used to repress social movements; that is something that worries us, because it is a way to exert repression indirectly," he said. He said the march in support of the governor on January 5 illustrates that groups with power can move to try to quell the social movement, which represents a very negative signal for the state." Spanish original 

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