Mar 21, 2012

Drug War: Five members of criminal group are arrested in Estado de Mexico

El Informador: “At least five presumed members of the criminal organization “La Familia Michoacana” were detained in southern Estado de Mexico (Mexico State), reported the Secretary of Citizen Security (SSC).

The agency indicated that operations in the southern region allowed them to uncover a cell of the criminal organization that was led by 30 year-old Norma Lagunas Ayala.

The other arrestees announced in the release by the SSC are Jose Luis Leyva Ayala, nickname “el Fax,” 44 years-old; Juan Alejandro Bernal Hernandez, “el Pumba,” 26 years-old; Oscar Perez Ibarra, “el Guma,” 34 years-old; and Carlos Alberto Guadarrama Figueroa, “el Gasca,” 21 yeasr-old.

The arrest took place on the highway San Alejo-Coatepec Harinas, where the presumed criminals were travelling in a black Nissan Tilda with the license plate MFG 4697 that was reported stolen and a black pick up truck with the license plate MCV 1116.

In the vehicle search, the police found five kilograms of marijuana as well as more than 50 doses of narcotics, 97 psychotropic pills. The narcotics were characteristic of cocaine.

According to the first reports, Lagunas Ayala is the presumed as the person responsible of directing the sale and distribution of the narcotics for the southern part of the state, all the while maintaining a relationship with the a La Familia boss known as “el Player.”

The SSC claimed that the detainees were caught with a 12 gauge shotgun, 29 rounds for weapons of different calibers, as well as a portable scale, and four cellular telephones.

The five suspects and the contraband were brought before the general court by the district attorney.” Spanish original

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