Mar 21, 2012

Rule of Law: Second escapee is recaptured and presented to media in Apodaca jailbreak scandal

La Jornada: "Jonathan Israel Flores, one of the 37 prisoners who escaped during the Apodaca prison break on Feb. 19, was presented before the media today after he was recaptured two days ago in the popular market Pulga Rio in the center of Monterrey. There were non shots fired in the arrest of the 23 year-old.

The State Secretary of Public Security (SPE), General Javier del Real Magallanes, and the spokesperson for security, Jorge Domene Zambrano, attributed the arrest to an investigation carried out by the Civil Police Force—a new police branch in the SPE.

During the presentation of the ex-prisoner in the State Investigation Agency, Real Magallanes said that the authorities have information that they’re confident could lead them to the capture of other escapees from the Feb. 19 incident in which 44 prisoners were massacred.

At the time of his arrest, Flores Guerrero was carrying bags of drugs; it is supposed that he was a distributor in the area." Spanish original

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