Mar 9, 2012

U.S.-Mexican Politics and The U.S. Role in Mexico's Drug War

The Left Forum is holding its annual conference March 16-18 at Pace University in New York City. One of the panels is on the U.S. Role in Mexico's Drug War. Among the panelist is Ethan Nadelman, Executive Director of the Drug Policy Alliance. Wish we could be there. If you are in NYC, go! Conference informantion at the Left Forum.

Left Forum: "The panel will examine the multiple political, economic and military roles played by U.S. institutions in Mexico’s militarized "War Against Organized Crime." It will attempt to identify the major domestic and international institutions that have a stake in Mexico's internal "war," and in the role this "war" plays in the broader U.S.-sponsored war against drugs, various forms of dissent and "terrorism." It will also address the internal resistance to the militarization of the drug war." read more

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