Jun 5, 2012

Mexican group calls for transparency in presidential elections

Fox News LatinoThe Institute for Access to Federal Information, or IFAI, urged Mexico's four presidential candidates to "boost transparency and accountability and make them a part of Mexicans' political culture."

Over the past decade, since a transparency law and its implementing mechanisms were enacted during the administration of former President Vicente Fox, steps have had to be taken to "overcome resistance and attempts at regression by authorities who don't understand that there's no turning back," IFAI's president-commissioner, Jacqueline Peschard, said in a statement.

The IFAI sent four letters to the presidential hopefuls on the 10th anniversary of the enactment of the Federal Law on Transparency and Access to Public Government Information, urging them to champion that legislation as "one of contemporary Mexico's most important and transcendent democratic advances," Peschard said.

"We can't agree more that both (transparency and accountability) are essential elements in a democratic government. That is why they must be strengthened and made part of Mexicans' political culture," the IFAI official said. Read more. 

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