Jun 4, 2012

Mexico Ex-President: Unite for Old Ruling Party

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox of the ruling conservative PAN party angered his fellow partisans and leftists alike today by seemingly endorsing front runner Enrique Peña Nieto of the opposition PRI party.
The Associated Press: Former President Vicente Fox is asking Mexicans to unite behind the Institutional Revolutionary Party's candidate if he wins the presidency, a stunning call given that Fox ended that party's 71-year grip on power in historic 2000 elections.

Fox's comments over the weekend angered members of his own governing National Action Party, whose candidate is badly trailing Enrique Pena Nieto of the PRI, as the former ruling party is known, in the polls.

"It is clear there is an apparent winner" in the July 1 election, Fox said, referring to Pena Nieto's lead in the polls. He added that "we should unite around the winner."

When Fox defeated the PRI as the National Action candidate, his victory was seen as heralding the arrival of true democracy to Mexico. The PRI had governed Mexico since 1929 with what critics said was a blend of authoritarianism, corruption and electoral fraud. Read more.

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