Jun 15, 2011

Movement for Peace with Justice: A Photo Essay from the Caravan for Peace with Justice

Here is a powerful photo essay of the Caravan for Peace rally in Ciudad Juárez. As the saying goes, "A picture is worth ...."

KT Photography: "It’s a long and lonely walk over the Rio Grande and not knowing what I’m about to face on the other side makes it even more lonely. Juarez Mexico is now crowned the most dangerous place on earth.

I wanted to be there for the final day of Javier Sicilia’s 7 day Peace March, Sicilia is a famous poet and journalist in Mexico and his son was murdered last March by the drug cartels. He was an innocent victim; in the wrong place at the wrong time, like so many others. I managed to connect and contact the right people, got myself a media pass and booked my flights to El Paso and was promised by the rally organizers and a local journalist they would take good care of me. And so they did." read more

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