Dec 7, 2011

Drug Policy: US Ambassador to Colombia says legalisation debate is 'on the table'

Transform Drug Policy Foundation Blog: "In an interview with Spanish newspaper El Pais on Monday (as reported in Colombia reports), US Ambassador for Colombia, Peter Michael McKinley, when the question of Colmbian president Santos' recent remarks on drug legalisation came up, said that the issue 'had to be addressed' ... McKinley, was clear however, said that even though the debate is taking place, the U.S. "remained opposed to legalization."

The significant part of this is the opening quote that acknowledges the active debate happening in Latin America, that legalisation is 'on the table' in that debate, and that it is important to analyze all the options. ... the statement is effectively an endorsement of the Santos position - that there needs to be a debate of the options, and legalisation (or as Calderon puts it 'market alternatives') needs to be amongst them." read more

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