Dec 7, 2011

Drug War Money Laundering: Assistant Head of Merida Initiative says U.S. and Mexico "will use every tool" to combat cartels

Translated by MexicoBlog

La Jornada, Mexico, "Todd Robinson, Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs of the U.S. Department of State, (which oversees the Merida Initiative), when asked (during a visit to Mexico) about the reports indicating that DEA (the Drug Enforcement Administration of the Department of Justice) agents launder money for Mexican cartels to identify members of these criminal groups, said the authorities in his country and Mexico "will use every tool we can to combat organized crime and narcotics trafficking."

... Questioned as to whether these actions are part of the U.S. strategy against organized crime groups he said: "We have many programs and many ways of collaborating with the Mexican government. We are partners in this fight against organized crime and narcotics trafficking, and we will continue the collaboration. They are good partners and we will continue with this."Spanish original

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