Dec 5, 2011

Drug War Strategy: Calderon and Mexico’s Secretary of the Interior call upon the United States to end drug use or consider regulated market alternatives

Translated by AMB. Original in Spanish at Groupo Fórmula Radio

Mexico, Dec, 5, 2011: Calling upon the U.S. government to stop drug use among its people, President Felipe Calderón inaugurated the XIII Tuxtla Summit of Dialogue and Agreement, which brought together the presidents of Central American nations.

It was also reported that the (new) Secretary of the Interior, Alejandro Poiré Romero, said authorities in "consumer countries should explore all possible alternatives to eliminate the exorbitant profits of criminals, including regulatory or market options." The Secretary said that this will prevent the transit of these substances, which cause high levels of crime and violence in Latin American and Caribbean nations.

In addition, the leaders of the Dominican Republic, Panama, Honduras, Chile and Mexico agreed to call upon the United States Congress and other arms-producing countries to stop the traffic and the illegal sale of high-powered arms by implementing effective measures.

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