Feb 20, 2012

Drug War: Mexico Attorney General inaugurates program to seize clandesting meth labs

See our post of InSight Crime's analysis of the growth of methamphetamine production in Mexico and its implications for the cartels and for the war against them.

Milenio: "The Attorney General of the Republic, Marisela Morales, inaugurated the Interdepartmental Program for Seizure and Procesecution of Clandestine Laboratories which seeks to train federal officials.

With the help of the DEA (U. S. Drug Enforcement Agency), the Attorney General's office will instruct personnel from the Army, Air Force, Federal Police, Navy and PGR laboratories to detect and seize laboratories that process synthetic drugs.

Ms. Morales said synthetic drug labs have grown exponentially in the country and warned that the process for making these drugs is being industrialized. The current administration has managed to destroy 712 of these places. "The development of synthetic drugs has begun to displace the cultivation of marijuana and poppies among criminal organizations, as well as the acquisition of cocaine," the official explained.

She added that the U.S. government has offered to do the training in the state of Virginia, using officials who excel in this matter." Spanish original

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