Mar 13, 2012

Drug War: If you build it, they won't come? US bases in Caribbean target drug trafficking

Christian Science Monitor: "The US military will build a base for the Dominican Navy on a small island here, consisting of barracks, a command center, and reconstructed pier. The project came at the behest of Dominican authorities witnessing an increase in drug trafficking on their coastline. It is one example of a regional approach the Pentagon is taking to catch drug shipments, the bulk of which are destined for the US."

The base is tiny compared with US installations elsewhere in the Americas, and it will have no US personnel. With its own resources stretched, the US is increasingly turning to allies like the Dominican Republic to combat trafficking. The Pentagon has built similar bases in Belize, Nicaragua, Panama,Guatemala, and Costa Rica and ramped up its presence at the Soto Cano Air Base in westernHonduras, where about 600 US soldiers are stationed." read more

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