Mar 13, 2012

Drug War: Mexican army: Captured drug gang leader responsible for massacre of 35 in port city

The Washington Post: "The recently captured leader of the Jalisco New Generation drug gang had been locked in a fight with the brutal Zetas drug cartel and other gangs since 2010, authorities said Monday.

Army spokesman Gen. Ricardo Trevilla said Erick Valencia Salazar tried to expand his gang’s control by sending cells to states near his home base of Jalisco in western Mexico."

Valencia’s gunmen dumped 35 bodies of alleged Zetas members last year in a busy avenue in the city of Veracruz during rush hour, Trevilla said.

Valencia was a lieutenant for drug capo Ignacio “Nacho” Coronel, who was killed in a clash with soldiers in 2010 in Zapopan, a suburb of Guadalajara. After the death of Coronel, an ally of the powerful Sinaloa cartel, Valencia formed the Jalisco New Generation drug gang and began a fight with the Zetas and other gangs for control of western Mexico, Trevilla said." read more

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