Sep 3, 2012

Activists connect drug wars in U.S., Mexico

Chicago Tribune: Say violence of Mexican drug cartels spills into Chicago streets.
By Ellen Jean Hirst and Antonio Olivo.

Chicago: Sunday morning. One man dead after taking three bullets — one to the head, two to the chest. Cocaine clasped in hand, and more found near his body, police said.

Mexico City: Last year. Six found bound and choked or suffocated to death. Bags over their heads. The murderers were likely drug traffickers, police said.

Murders and shootings are up in Chicago. They are up in Mexico.

Gun laws and the war on drugs are pivotal to those deaths, said a group of Mexican activists, almost all of whom have lost family members to drug violence, who are traveling 6,000 miles across the U.S. to heighten awareness of the problem. On Sunday evening, the activists' Caravan for Peace arrived in Chicago. Read more.

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