Jun 30, 2013

Mexican reporter Marcela Turati calls on U.S. journalists to investigate trafficking networks north of the border

Note: Kudos to friend and colleague Marcela Turati for taking on the big taboo in the United States: corruption north of the border. 

We've been arguing for years that "shared responsibility" means looking at how transnational crime makes nearly all its money within U.S. borders, crosses U.S. customs and launders its earnings in U.S. banks. It's time to take the concept of a real shared responsibility into journalism as well. Too many U.S. journalists come down here looking for lurid stories of gore or Mexican corruption, with clear racist overturns, perpetuating the myth of the pure US vs. degenerate Mexico. Congratulations to Marcela for the award, for her brave work and for her dedication to the truth. LEC

Knight Center: Why did acclaimed Mexican journalist Marcela Turati tell the story of death and threats against her colleagues during a ceremony recognizing the very best of investigative journalism in the U.S.?
Because the problem of corruption and drug trafficking in Mexico does not stop at the border, she said, and U.S. journalists must own the story as well. 
Turati said U.S. reporters often ask her how they can help. More than anything, she said, American journalists should investigate corrupt government officials, local drug dealers and money launderers here.  Read More...

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